American Made


Crawler Fabrications was founded solely for the purpose of building pedal powered tour vehicles, which we call the Street Crawler™.  Built 100% in Savannah, Georgia, the Crawlers are used by locally operated Savannah Slow Ride where our vehicles gain great amounts of feedback and practical daily use.

Communication with our customers is paramount. This means that there is someone for you to call if you have a problem. These vehicles were designed to be serviceable and we have enjoyed upgrading the vehicles currently in use as we develop new standards of performance. We do require our customers to maintain their vehicles properly and operate them with the highest level of responsibility.

We have had the distinct privilege of working with many excellent start-up businesses during a very integral part of the first years of this budding industry. Price and support were what this company was founded on. As our customer base grew, we were able to invest in the development of both the performance and quality of our vehicles. Woodwork has always been an important element in the Street Crawler and it gives us great satisfaction to present our new level in this field.

We strive to use American made parts wherever possible and are now pleased to be able to offer an American made cycle component optional class of vehicle where White Industries cycle components are used to maximize the lifespan of your components along with many other upgrades.

We believe that we have created the most dependable vehicle of its kind while maintaining the character that will attract the most customers to you, the business owner.