About Us


Crawler Fabrications has built and distributed over twenty-seven Street Crawler vehicles. We have researched and developed our vehicle to become what it is today—magnificent. Our newest line of vehicles has been developed, refined and strengthened to create the highest quality vehicle while keeping price in mind. We have added plenty of controllable accent lighting to add to your customer’s experience, without overlooking the most important factor, the ride. We have reduced the weight of our new model of vehicles by as much as 500 lb. and increased the finish quality to become an extremely durable product.  The finished woodwork on our newest models has developed into what can only be described as excellent. Product support has always been a strength to those choosing to call on us should a problem arise. We have learned a great deal about the customers who we choose to work with and look forward to getting to know new customers each season. In order to maintain the quality and level of support necessary for our customers, we have limited our new relationships.  Our most important feature is our network of responsible business owners. We have valued your feedback and have responded by creating the new standard.  We don’t design dreams, we create them.