Steel First Class

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JC ModelOur Johnny Cash (JC) Model was designed to bring simplicity and elegance together. All of our all aluminum vehicles are able to bring plenty of quality sound through a hybrid Boston Acoustic/Pioneer speaker system along with an adjustable LED accent system that will suit whatever mood you choose to set. You want flashy disco, we’ve got flashy disco, you want white…bright white it is!  St. Patrick’s Day green? You got it!  We don’t care, it’s your business to run, make the most of it! $35,000



Crawler Fabrications First Class (FC) Model is all you need to begin your business with affordability in mind. We built this company with the lowest priced vehicle of its class. The First Class Model now is able to take it a step further with a powder coated frame, programmable LED Lights, our upgraded sound system and all still at the rock bottom price that you need to start your business. $32,000

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All of our models of vehicle come standard with the one thing that we all have come to love, beautiful woodworking.  Crawler Fabrications has it and no one else is coming close to what we are working with now. Bringing our woodwork to life has brought a welcome depth to our vehicles while the performance and quality control of our drivelines and braking system have been greatly refined to meet our new higher standards.


Aluminum Roof

JC Model